All You Need To Know About Plastic Consulting Services

Phantom Plastics is the premier plastics and polymers consulting firm. If you are experiencing issues that require immediate attention, or require a breakthrough material reach us for a chat with Chris DeArmitt PhD, President of Phantom Plastics.

How a Professional Plastics Consultant can help?

Much of what we believe about plastics and the planet originates from Internet myths and other sources that aren’t trustworthy. How do we know the truth from lies? Chris has years of experience working with plastics and can assist you to determine what is truthful.

Studies have shown that nearly three-quarters of Americans underestimate their ability to discern fake news. This is a good sign for plastics. It means that information about plastics is frequently false, but Americans are still influenced by it. This means that educated sources should be trusted to be honest.

Chris is a prominent plastics materials scientist. He has spent most of his time studying reports and articles in search for the truth. His goal is to inform people on plastics and assist people know what is and isn’t true about these substances. He also is committed to solving problems and creating new materials to help clients who are stuck and dissatisfied.

Create Exceptional Plastics Formulations

Chris has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and a passion for sciences to solve problems for companies that employ hundreds of PhD scientists. Chris is a Ph.D. chemical scientist who has been researching plastic for a long time. Chris is a molecular chemist , and can therefore design innovative materials rather than just trying to figure out the right solution. This method saves his customers lots of money in time, effort, and frustration.

He can help, no matter if you face a critical issue or you are seeking a solution for an ongoing problem.

Chris is able to assist you with issues related to thermoplastics.

– PE

– PP



– Nylon

If you’re looking for a stabilizer, filler, compatibilizer, processing aid or mineral filler, he’s able to help you develop your own customized recipe.

Get the Expert Support You Need Now!

If you’re feeling frustrated and want a solution that can be implemented, contact Phantom Plastics today! Chris has created custom-designed recipes for many clients, small and large that range from Fortune 500 to family owned businesses. Whatever your task is, he’ll treat clients with the same respect and degree of urgency as he would any other client. He loves solving problems for clients, and also helping them understand the concept of plastic.

– Phantom Plastics can assist with any plastic-related need, including:

– Problem solutions

– You can develop breakthrough products or materials that are light years ahead of others.

– Plastics education

– Learning about plastics in a efficient manner that is logical

– Making contact with potential partners, distributors, clients and partners will help you expand your reach.

– Strategie creation that works

– As your personal advisor

Do you require more information?

Contact us today to learn more about Phantom Plastics. Chris will listen and assist you understand what you need.

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